Saturday, 3 December 2016

Advent with ATDML - Dec 3rd - Home decor Twine Tree

Day 3 of your advent inspiration from your atdml design team and I'm sharing an inexpensive home decor item for the holidays that I have had pinned on Pinterest for quite a while it seems!!

You'll need the following supplies for this project: polystyrene cone (Hobbycraft or The Range), wet glue (I used modge podge), string or twine, scissors, an electric tealight and clingfilm or a sandwich bag.

Cover the cone in cling film or a sandwich bag (I used the latter) and then run twine through glue and wrap around the cone. I found it easiest to pour some glue out into a bowl and use my fingers to ensure that the twine was coated as I went along. Work your way up and down the cone in a random fashion being sure to go as high up as possible to get a nice point. Press firmly to help the twine stick to itself as you go.

Set aside to dry (the glue will dry clear) and then carefully remove from the cone using a twisting motion. The bag should then come away with some gentle persuasion but being clear it doesn't matter is small amounts are left behind on the inside of the cone.

Decorate if (I used a few seasonal coloured gems and then place an electric tealight under for a homemade rustic tree decoration for your home.

Pop back tomorrow to open your next creative advent calendar window with Karen and if you didn't see Jane's planner yesterday be sure to check it out, just scroll down or click here.