Sunday, 11 December 2016

Advent with ATDML - Dec 11th - Oh Christmas tree!

So today I wanted to share a home décor item and this one is thanks to a friend from work (thanks Gillian!) who showed me how to do this after she had made them with her French club.

They were so beautifully easy that I had to share!! First here's a picture...
All you need is a square of green paper, plain or patterned and some scissors. You can also add stars, pearls or gems as I have but they are not essential.

I always find instructions for origami hard to follow and even harder to write - I prefer to show people step by step. So today instead of instructions I have made you a video.

I hope you'll give these trees a try - they are so quick and easy and a great project to do with children - why not create a whole forest?!