Monday, 19 December 2016

Advent with ATDML - day 19 - Card & money wallets

At this time of year with the last few days closing in, gift cards can be a lifesaver - great for those hard to buy for people who seem to have everything.  I also have family who will be travelling this year so we will be giving them currency to go enjoy themselves during their time away.  These money and card wallets are a fun way of wrapping them up so they still have something to open on Christmas morning

Card wallet

I started with a 4 1/4" x 10" piece of cardstock.

I scored at 2", 5" 6" & 7" and folded as below. 

The 6" & 7" scores will form a flap for the card to sit in. I used a cup to draw around and cut a semi-circle out.

The card should be slightly wider than the semi circle so I cut into the tab slightly by about 1/4" each end to allow the card to slot in. Stick the slot that holds the card together - I used red tape to ensure it held together.

I folded the card card so it looks like an envelope - at this stage depending on your scores you may have to trim the bottom flap (the larger end) slightly so it allows the envelope to lie flat.

I then used the Simple Stories 'Classic Christmas' range - Elements, Holiday wishes and Deck the halls to decorate the front and back.

For the inside I used the red Snowflake side of Deck the halls and The 'tis the season' element from Holiday wishes.

The panels were 2"x4", 2 3/4" x 4" & 2 1/2" x 4" I trimmed the element to fit and mounted them all up with a glue pen.

To cover the back of the wallet and ensure the back of the card slot was covered I cut two panels from the blue snowflake side of elements - 5 3/4 x 4 2/16" and  2 x 4 2/16".  I folded the larger piece in half before glueing in place to ensure that it fit round properly.

I then cut a 1 1/2" x 7"piece of card to wrap around the card holder and fixed it in place.  I then used the 25 square from elements and mounted it on red card before attaching to the wrap.

 I slotted this over the card holder and then added a piece of string as decoration.

Money Wallet 

I started with a 12"x5 1/2 " rectangle of Bella Carta's "Christmas delivery" Christmas Plaid - I scored the 12" length at 6" and then scored 1" in from each side of the 5.1/2" length.  I then cut cut away the 1" strip to the middle line on both sides.  Finally I made 2 diagonal cuts to the remaining flaps.

I then cut a 3 7/16" by 4 1/2" rectangle, I scored this 1" along the 4 1/2" side and glued the flap to the top of the main paper so it looked like below. the 3 7/16" should just fit inside the 3 1/2" end.

It should now look like this...

I folded in the flaps at the side and applied double sided tape 

I then folded in and stuck in place.

I used my circle punch to cut a semi circle out ( most punches have little marks that you can line up to do this) If your punch is bigger you may want to do this before sticking it down.

I applied Teresa collins 'Tinsel & co" stickers to the outside and folded the tabs round to the back

I then mounted red and white card on the back and applied some to and from stickers from the same range.