Friday, 2 December 2016

Advent with ATDML - Dec 2nd - Get organised - Christmas Planner

Are you the sort of person who has all their presents wrapped and cards written by October or are you dashing round the shops on Christmas Eve? Well, I suppose I'm somewhere in between and the start of December tends to be when I start to get organised for Christmas. If I've got a lot on then I need to keep track of things and I LOVE a list. Well, to be honest I love lots of lists and round about now I start writing lists of card recipients, presents - what am I going to get for each person, to-do lists and of course I plan out my menus and write lists for the supermarket.

So today I thought I would share a Christmas Planner. I started with a blank Prima book I'd had for a while then went shopping (ATDML of course!) and bought a lovely selection of the Simple Stories Classic Christmas papers, stickers and other lovely bits and pieces which you will find here in the shop.
With no plan and an evening of cutting and sticking I transformed my plain book from this...
 into this...

With a ready made book this did not take long to do - so why not give it a go and get yourself organised for Christmas?

Right - I'm off to start writing my lists...

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  1. Lovely Jane. I have just sorted som G45 papers to do this.