Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Keep sharing the Cybercrop Love

We just want to say a very big thank you to all of you who joined in the cybercrop over the bank holiday weekend and left us some wonderful feedback.  It really goes a long way to making us feel like it was all worth while when you say such nice things.

Our galleries have started to fill nicely with projects done over the weekend based on both the classes and the challenges.

Want a recap of your challenges in one easy place? Simply follow the links below to each blog post.

Challenge 1 - TWISTER

Challenge 2 - DRAUGHTS

Challenge 3 - UNO

Challenge 4 - SCRABBLE

Challenge 5 - HOP SCOTCH

Challenge 6 - JUMANJI

Challenge 7 - RUBIK'S CUBE

Challenge 8 - SNAP

Don't forget the deadline for uploading all of your Cybercrop Challenges is 11pm Friday August 31st 2018.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Challenge 8 - SNAP

Last challenge of this your 2018 games themed Cybercrop and we  revert to the classic old school game of


For this challenge we want you to either create a double layout or use two of the same photographs on one page - the choice is yours. If you chose the double layout option they don't have to be the same, just clearly a double page.

Your unique gallery just for the Snap challenges can be found HERE on Facebook where you can share your creations. As you know we will be awarding some random prizes for pages created over the weekend and you have to be in it to win it - so why not have a go?

Deadline for uploading this and ALL OTHER CHALLENGES is 11pm Friday August 31st 2018.

This is your final timetabled item for this cybercrop as we are leaving the rest of your Bank Holiday Monday free to play catch up on all the other classes and challenges.

Class 15 - TRIVIAL PURSUITS with Mel

Welcome to the last class of our Cyber Crop Weekend. Huge Thanks to all our wonderful DT members for putting together classes and instructions for you and an extra special thanks to Ann who once again co-ordinated the Cyber Crop and sorted all the challenges.

My final class is based on Trivial Pursuits which is a game I really love to play (I adore quizzes) but my family and friends really don't love it - so it is a very rare treat.

As you can see I was inspired by the counters and used the die cut to make this a key feature of the layout.

Click Here for instructions and a second bonus layout

Don't forget to keep sharing your classes and challenges in the appropriate gallery over on the ATDML # Create Facebook Page.

Come back for our final challenge at 2pm!

Class 14 Speak Out with Debs

Morning All, time to get your scrappy on with a little game of Speak Out.
This class is about recording the things you have to say, whether you choose to have them featured on the page or tucked away on a journaling card behind a photograph or other elements.
‘Speak Out’ in this layout also represents the noisiness of mealtimes in our family, we all have a lot to say and we all want to say it at the same time!
Instructions can be found here and the class gallery on our facebook page is where we’d love to see your take on the classes.

Next up is Mel who is ready to challenge you to a game of Trivial Pursuit.
Have a marvellous day all xoxo

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Class 13 - IMAGINARIUM with Jane

This game attracted my attention because like the Graphic 45 papers I love it has an interesting and beautiful steampunk design. It also appeals to the engineer inside me (maybe just a paper engineer - but still an engineer!) since the blurb of the game reads...

Think of the things you can build in your dreams. The possibilities of fantastic creations unknown of before. Now, make those dreams a reality. That's what you'll be doing in Imaginarium

So I decided any class I did inspired by this game had to be to build something unusual and interesting and I hope that's what I have for you in this class. It starts off looking like a simple cube...

 but pull the rose on top and something surprising happens...
keep pulling...

 And one last pull...

Here are some more pictures of my project...

And here are a couple of pictures that didn't quite make the instructions...

I would say this project is a lot easier without cat assistance!

The instructions for this class can be found here.

If you don't have this kit - why not follow the instructions to make the cube tower structure and add photos all round?

Don't stay up all night - but do come back tomorrow at 10am (unless you're at work like me!) when Debbie will be playing Speak Out with you.

Challenge 7 - RUBIK"S CUBE

Challenge 7 and it is the penultimate challenge of this cybercrop and with a game theme we couldn't not do this next one


For this challenge we want to see layouts featuring a grid of nine which can either fill the whole/majority of the page or be smaller and set one of the edged/centre 

In case you aren't sure what we mean by this I have provided a couple of illustrated examples below. You don't have to fill all of your nine areas either and they don't have to be square.  You can leave some blank and make it more of a minimal page if you prefer.

Your unique gallery to share your Rubix inspired pages can be found HERE

Your last class for today is at 8pm and then we will be back at the later time tomorrow of 10am given you some time for a bank holiday lie in (or you can catch up on some of the other classes and challenges :) 


Class 12 - JENGA with Ann

Time for Class 12 with me now and inspired by the stacking and layering of wooden blocks in the game Jenga we will be stacking and layering pattern papers in a two layout class, instructions for which can be downloaded HERE

Plenty of options to vary up these pages and make them your own and certainly to play along with your own choice of papers if you didn't get the lovely Kaisercraft kit. Please do share them when you have created in our class gallery on Facebook.

Next up after this class is the RUBIX challenge at 6pm (hopefully a lot easier than the real thing!!) followed by another class IMAGINARIUM with Jane at 8pm

Class 11 Pie Face with Debs

Afternoon all, this class is all about the anticipation, the ensuing laughter, the big cheesy grin and/or the messy faces in photos.
After a long weekend of scrapping these pages are quick and easy to make.
We will be using the bright and boldly coloured patterned papers to make backgrounds of geometric shapes for our layouts showcase our photos.
Full instructions can be found here, and we’d love to see your pages in the class gallery on Facebook.
After this it’s time to get your steady hands ready for a game of Jenga with Ann.

Challenge 6 - JUMANJI

So we continue on with this games themed cybercrop and bring you challenge number 6 which follows on quite nicely from Mel's Monopoly class if you have just taken part.


For this challenge we want to see your animal papers/stamps/washi on pages, or your animal/wildlife photos being scrapped. 

The Bo Bunny papers Mel just used were full of great animal prints - but what do you have in your stash that needs using up?  Again you have a unique gallery over HERE on Facebook to share your Jumanji inspired pages and we can't wait to see where this challenge takes you.

Debbie will be here at 2pm with her class PIE FACE so if you've not grabbed some lunch yet now is the time!

Class 10 MONOPOLY with Mel

I LOVE Monopoly, and like all games I play to win! However those of you who are retreat goers and know Auntie Helen have met possibly the most ruthless and determined Monopoly player ever!

Once again the board provided my inspiration but to make it work on a 12" layout I had to take some liberties so it is a stylised version with fewer spaces but keeping the square corner pieces and group of rectangles down each side.

I added a few metal pieces and some bits cut out from the papers to embellish but over all left it quite clean and simple - there are a lot of patterns on there already for embellishment, however you could obviously go for the "more is more" approach on the embellishment if you choose!

I'm going to add a sneak peek of my second layout inspired by Jumanji - the slightly quirky animals on the Bo Bunny Life in Color paper were begging to take centre stage on a layout of their own - download the instructions to see both layouts in full.

Do head over to the ATDML # Create Facebook Page, you will find a Cybercrop chat thread, you can ask questions if needed and of course we love to see your creations. Each class and challenge has it's own album, just click on photos down the top left hand side of the page, click on albums and add your work to the appropriate album.

 Come back at 1pm for your next challenge and then again at 2pm when it's time to join Debbie for a game of Pie Face!!

Class 9 - Hanafuda

Good Morning :)

Welcome back to day 2 of the cyber crop - I hope you will all be joining in with the Hop Scotch challenge.   

For the majority my layouts tend to be quite clean and graphic but every now and again there is a range that makes me want to create a paper explosion.  We R Memory keepers 'Flower girl' range is a gorgeous combination of a botanical garden and a wildflower meadow that you can't help but want it all. 

The range has a variety of small patterned papers in hot colours - they are both complementary and clashing to give you the opportunity to make the most of your summer and garden photos.  With the great weather we have had I'm sure you will have a stack of garden pictures you want to make shine.  

Included in the range there is a fantastic range of embellishments which work around get togethers, whether it be afternoon teas, BBQ's or summer parties. The wording would work for some lovely get togethers with friends no matter how small.

Join us back at 11am for a class inspired by my favourite game of all time - Monopoly!!

Challenge 5 - HOPSKOTCH

Morning Sunday Scrappers and welcome back to another day of Cybercrop fun and games and here is your challenge number 5


And this challenge is a sketch challenge to create a page inspired by the sketch below which features a hopscotch style placement of the photos and elements down the right of the page.

As always we would love to see you share your pages inspired by this Hopscotch challenge and have created a unique album for them HERE on Facebook.

See you at 9am for the next class.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Class 8 - TICKET TO RIDE with Katherine

I hope you have been enjoying all the classes and getting lots of scrapping and sharing and chatting done.  Here is the last class of the evening and it's based upon the game Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is all about railways and going places, and it went perfectly with the bright and colourful Go, See, Explore papers from Echo Park.  So my photos are about travel and one of the pages uses a map base - much like the board in this game.

There is some more painty-ness in this class - you can use any watercolours, I have used the distress inks I had at hand.

Do share your pages and come and chat to us on Facebook here.

The morning kicks off at 8am with the Hopscotch challenge, so be back tomorrow.

Challenge 4 - SCRABBLE

Challenge number 4 and we hope you have joined in our first three challenges posted yesterday and earlier today? So what do we have now...well this challenge is called 


For this challenge we would like to see you create a page featuring a big long title, using lots of letters and maybe even some scrabble board style letters if you have them! 

As for the first three challenges we have a special gallery just for your Scrabble challenges HERE on Facebook where you can share your creations. You already know we will be awarding some random prizes over the weekend and you have to be in it to win it - so why not have a go?

No more challenges tonight, but another class at 10pm with Katherine, then we are back tomorrow morning with challenge 5 - HOPSKOTCH and plenty more classes and fun. 
See you then

Class 7 - ZOO-OPOLY with Ann

This is my second class and is inspired by the Zoo themed monopoly game. Whilst the papers in this class are nice generic everyday theme I used them to make a mini-book with the Fancy Pants Board book kit of a recent trip to a safari park in Fuertaventura on my holiday earlier this month.

Class instructions for this mini-book can be downloaded HERE and to play along at home without the kit just dig out some chipboard pieces if you have them or use old pizza boxes for a chunky cover to some cardstock pages. You can hopefully take some inspiration from some of the interactive elements included.

Here is a quick flick through video of the completed book as it's often easier to understand things visually rather than just reading written instructions.

I hope you will share some photos of your projects in our Cybercrop class Album HERE.

Next on the agenda after this class is your fourth challenge SCRABBLE at 8pm.

Class 6 RISK with Debs

The themes for these layouts are about taking a risk/‘conquering’ the world by stepping outside of your comfort zone..
My daughter Kate has a terrific fear of flying and yet is determined to travel and as a result is getting to see new places and explore our world with her friends.
And as for the pink hair ...well that’s a whole other story..
Instructions to create these layouts can be found here.

We would love to see your take on the theme so please show us what you have done by uploading to the class gallery on Facebook.
Wondering how to record those special days out? Well then, hang about because next up is Ann’s Zoo-opoly class.

Class 5 - FRUSTRATION with Mel

Hello and welcome to my first class in this year's Cybercrop, I hope you are all enjoying the classes and challenges, don't forget to share your own creations over on the ATDML # Create Facebook page.

My first class is themed around the board game Frustration - I loved this as a child, particularly the version with the pop-o-matic dice in the centre, such high tech sophisticated fun!

My first layout for this class takes inspiration from the board with a quadrant design background and  diagonal lines and although the title I used is Adventure you could swpa this out and make the layout work for a range of themes.

Click here to download the full instructions for this layout and a second bonus layout.

Come back at 4pm when it's time for a game of Risk with Debbie!

Challenge 3 - UNO

Challenge 3 half way through your Saturday and this time we bring you


For this challenge we would like to see you use ONE cardstock, ONE pattern paper and ONE photo on your page. You may add anything else, but no more card, only use ONE pattern paper (can be double sided though) and just the ONE photo.

We have a special gallery just for your Uno challenges HERE on Facebook where you can share your creations. We will be awarding some random prizes over the weekend and you have to be in it to win it - so why not have a go?

Time for a lunch break after this one and then we are back at 2pm with your first class this weekend from Mel - Frusration. See you then.

Class 4 - Go Fish!

Morning campers!!

I hope you all enjoyed Jane's Guess Who class, thanks for joining us for Go Fish! - 2 layouts with seaside themes using the fantastic 'Down by the sea' range from Bo Bunny.

This range has a variety of water, scales and nautical themed motifs in bold and pastle shades.

The first layout is great for this summer. I couldn't resist going big on the title and with the gorgeous shimmers of blue and gold scale motifs it will be perfect for your beach photos or even for those (paddling) pool pics!  The wooden embellishments are fantastic for adding a neutral touch to a colourful layout.

For layout 2, I loved the strawberry and cream backing paper as it reminded me of ice cream sauce.  I teamed ice cream shades of mint chocolate and lemon with a touch of blue sky azure. The points were reminiscent of the ice cream cone and with the summer we have had, I know there will be a few sunny ice cream photos in your stash - scrumptious!!

I hope you join us back at noon for 'UNO" and I'm looking forward to seeing all your sunny day layouts. 

Class 3 - GUESS WHO? with Jane

Hello and welcome to my first class. Up until very recently my job involved spending a lot of time playing games with children as part of counselling. 'Guess who?' is good for this as, in order to play, children have to ask and answer questions which is great for getting them talking! I love the pictures of people that flip up and down and I know the characters quite well.

This game inspired me to make a book that would have two sides to it like the game and have photos flipping out of the book - and the title of the game inspired the title of my book: Guess Who?...its Betty Boo! My new puppy!

Here are some pics of my project...

The instructions can be found here

Join us again at 11am when Tricia will be playing 'Go Fish' with you!

Jane x