Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Fourth it should be a virtual crop challenge but isn't Challenge...get messy

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the summer is another challenge in for you to enjoy.  I love a bit of paint, stencilling, ink, stamping on my page so your challenge is to get a bit messy with a layout - it must have some form of mess on it, so here are a few pages to inspire you to dig out your inks and paints.

This one you start with spritzing your page with water and then add inks and let them run into each other - the paper will crinkle, but flattens out in time in your album.  There is also a little bit of stencilling with texture paint and inks on here too.

If you don't like too messy then go with a watercolour or paint effect patterned paper and just add a few flicks of paint to your page.

Maybe you want to create a serious mixed media piece with chipboard, embossing inks, stamping and use lots of paint and ink.

This is one of my favourite pages from this year - using my Christmas scarf for inspiration!  Use a plastic bag (the sort that you get stickers and embellishments in - the smooth plastic ones rather than a sandwich bag), add a bit of ink from a water-based ink pad like distress ink flat onto the bag, then tiny spritz of water and use the plastic bag like a stamp over your page - remember to dry between the different colour layers (distress oxides work really well for this type of page)

Moving into the acrylic zone, and lots of paint and drying time - colour chipboard pieces, create thick layers of paint in your favourite colours and dry brush a background to very little water on this page (apart from all the brush washing!)

A little more acrylic paint - again dry brushed onto the page, but a brayer also works nicely for covering a wide area of paper with just a thin layer of paint!

Share your pages over on our Facebook page, I would love to see what you create! ATDML # Create Facebook Page


The Third 'It should be a virtual crop but it isn't' Challenge

To use or collect... That is the question. So today I'm asking as well how many reels of washi tape do you have? If you're anything like me you love them, they're pretty but you forget to use them on your today I'm challenging you to do exactly that.

There are a couple of ideas below, the first one by atdml customer and retreat regular Tracy Annunziato who created this gem with washi strips instead of patterned paper.

You can also mix your washi strips in with pattern paper like I did on the layouts below.

The much converted gold sparkly washi was even used on this page between paper strips.

Today I'm going to try something I have seen on Pinterest which is to print off journalling onto a piece of paper, then add washi strips over this and rerun through the printer to have colourful journalling strips to add to your projects. I'm told it works best if you use a lighter coloured washi tape without a heavy pattern so the printed text is clearer and print the text bold to help it pop further.  Why not have a go yourself and join me in the washi challenge today?

Do share your prohects made with us on our Facebook page. We'd love to see them.

The Second 'It should be a virtual crop but it isn't' Challenge

Hello Dolly here and we are all making sure you are not bored when you feel you should be virtual cropping.
I have a very simple challenge for you today - one I have been running on a digital forum too.

Here are pictures from 8 albums in my music collection ( I have quite eclectic tastes!)

 You simply need to select one of the albums and make a page inspired by it. It could be the design, the photo placement, the colours, the title. Just so long as it is inspired by one of the albums.

Here are a couple of ideas - they are both digital I am afraid

I will try and do a paper page this weekend too so I hope you will join me.

The first "It should be Virtual Crop Day but it isn't" Challenge

Hello all, as we are unable to host a virtual crop this month instead I am scheduling a challenge to get your scrapping inspiration going.

Below are a selection of summer quotes I found online, use either the quote or the image as a prompt for a layout. Don't forget to share them over on the ATDML # Create Facebook Page...

Saturday, 10 August 2019

August Sketch Challenge

Ladies you so rocked in the Cyber Crop - so many wonderful pages. I hope you still have plenty to scrap because it's Dolly here again with another sketch Saturday.

Nice simple sketch this time as - well it is summer, it is hot and so simple is good!

This is the sketch

  It gives lots of flexibility and you can keep it as simple or make it as fussy as you like.

This is my page for the sketch

I hope you have fun and please, if you do make a page, share it in the sketch gallery here so we can all enjoy it.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Challenge 12 - Second Chance Antiques

Our last challenge of the weekend as we close our Toy Story themed cybercrop. We really hope you have enjoyed playing along!

Second Chance antiques is the store featured in the 4th and latest film and it inspires our final challenge for you.

Dig out an antique product and use it!!

Have you stamps sitting unused? An old paper collection you have coveted and not quite got round to opening? Maybe that neglected box of brads and eyelets? This challenge asks you to use those antique products (or so maybe just those you've had a while!) and get them on page! As always do share your creations in our Facebook Challenge gallery.

Mel used the vintage and oh so missed Sassfrasslass papers on her challenge illustration above. 

And Karen has provided another illustration of this challenge for you and should you prefer a scraplift option you've these two to chose from 

That's us for now! Plenty there we hope to keep you going over the summer holidays if you've not been able to join in this weekend. The classes will remain available to download at your leisure and the challenges too, here on the blog, are going nowhere. 

Thanks for joining us!

Class 16 - Andy

Hello all - Dolly here again and this is the final class of what has been an amazing weekend of fun and chatter, scrapping and recording those all important memories. Andy loved his toys so much and to show they belonged to him his name was written proudly on the bottom of his toys. So this class is all about writing - although I want you to write a lot more than just your name.

People often worry about writing on their pages, preferring to either hide the journalling or use a computer, but I promise you, in years to come it will be the fact your writing is on your pages that will help to make those memories so special.

My handwriting isn't great, but that really doesn't matter; it is me!

This class will encourage you to document special stories with more than just a who, where, when, why and what approach.

One layout focuses on a lengthier story or event, one focuses on the little things in life that are so often missed yet are the seasoning in our lives and the other - well the other is just for fun.

I can't wait to see what you come up with and most of all, I can't wait to see your writing and read your stories.

Download the instructions here

Have fun everyone and do upload your pages to our class album on our facebook page here