Saturday, 31 July 2010

Challenge yourself!

Since the school holidays have been in full swing (about 4 weeks up here in Scotland) I’ve had more time for scrapping and general creativity and in fact I set myself the challenge to do something creative every day! Ok, well I’ve not quite managed it, and some days I’ve spent time clearing up the mess the creativity from the day before produced! Anyway, we all get days when our natural creativity just isn’t cutting it and that’s when we need a little extra inspiration ‘hit’. I’ve really been enjoying the chicken soup blog and am working on this week’s recipe at the moment. I also found myself trawling the net and following links from other people’s blogs to find other challenge blogs. This morning I came across the LCOM ‘capture these sketches’ challenge blog and the idea of scrapping something that was not a person or a pet caught my eye. So this is my interpretation of Heather’s sketch No.47…

Those of you who know me well will know how much I love Graphic 45 papers and these ones are from the Domestic Goddess range (they can be found here in the shop). I thought that any self respecting domestic goddess wouldn’t simply glue down papers and pictures, but she’d get out her sewing machine and sew everything together, so that’s what I did. This way the LO serves a double purpose, since I’ve been asked to teach a scrapbooking class to a group of patchwork enthusiasts, this way they’ll see that the two hobbies do have something in common.

So if your scrapping mojo has gone on summer holiday without you why not have a go at the classes or challenges on this blog (there's a sketch here) , the chicken soup blog or one of the many other challenge sites out there.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – the bilberry pie was delicious!!