Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Blast From The Past!

It is amazing how things come and go in the scrapping world, just as in the fashion world, what is "hot" one season is old news the next. However I think it is kind of fun to revisit some older ideas, techniques and styles. Let's face it the fashions will all come round again - It is not that many years since I heard the 80's described as the decade that fashion forgot, now you can't move for leggings, big T Shirts and 80's retro!

So todays little blast from the past nostalgia is...

... The Paper Bag Book!

In a months time I am leaving for my holiday, another trip on the wonderful Disney Cruise Line and being the forum addict that I am I have signed up for a "Cruise Meet" thread with fellow cruisers. As we did last year we have signed up for a swap where cruisers on the same trip exchange small gifts. While searching for inspiration for my gifts I saw a fabulous paper bag album which someone had made (well actually they made 19 of them) for a swap on their cruise!

After a little bit of digging around I found a stash of small paper bags and I am duly constructing 10 paper bag mini albums to give on my cruise and I am really enjoying doing it. I will of course share pictures when they are done but I wanted to share my little trip down memory lane remembering the days when UKS was awash with posts about where did the best deal on which size of paper bag!