Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Feel Like a Machine!

Well although I have been working on a creative project Mum and i set up a production line to do the boring, non creative bit of making my paper bag books for my cruise gifts.
We made 10 books, each has 5 bags, trimmed to 6" high and folded to make a 6x4 inch portrait format page. The five double pages were folded separately then joined with double sided tape to make the book leaving top pockets for tags etc... and a lot of blank pages to decorate.
It took a while, was not very exciting but you gotta do the boring bits before the fun starts!

Will post again soon to show them finished.
PS I know there are only nine books in the photo - one is missing ARGHHHH... I think Olivia may have investigated and moved it - hopefully it is still in one piece, if not we will have to make another!