Friday, 30 July 2010

It's Chicken Soup Time Again

This week the inspiration was my choice. I love the bright colours on the Glee poster and although I rarely manage it, the clean graphic style is one I would love to be good at. Somehow I can never quite manage to go for clean and simple but I like to try occasionally!

Of course by the time I had finished my layout it was nothing like the Glee poster although I did start out with it in mind! I ended up flipping the grid of 12 square on its side to make it 4 acroos and 3 down. Then I amalgamated the top two rows (8 squares) into two larger squares for my photos.

I used the bottom four squares foe a trio of embellishments and my journaling.

Come on over to the Chicken Soup Blog to see the original inspiration and what the rest of the team came up with.