Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tis The Season...

So as we unpacked the shipment that arrived earlier in the week it seemed odd to be in July looking at "Hallowe'en In Wonderland" by Graphic 45, and of course the summer CHA releases will be available soon which for some manufacturers will include Hallowe'en and even Christmas lines.

So what have you seen that looks good?

I am liking the look of Sassafras Indie Girl and apparently it is selling well and a second print run has been ordered.

Let us know what goodies you would like to see lining the ATDML shelves!

In other news, chalet number 1 of the 2 outbuildings we had put up to house stock and to run occasional classes in is having it's floor laid this week. It has been insulated, plasterboards, painted and will have a laminate floor any time soon - so the next job is to set it all up just as we would like it. Watch This Space!