Monday, 26 July 2010

It's Nearly Done!

Ever since we moved to this house in March 2008 we have been working towards getting some outbuilding space for ATDML/ After a failed planning application, a revision to the application and finally approval we started work last summer.

Dad constructed the frame for the concrete bases and together we did the concreting. When they were dry and lever the company who were supplying the chalets arrived and in the space of a day two wooden chalets were in place.

With no electricity supply out there initially only a little bit was done over the winter months with so little daylight but come spring chalet number one was insulated, plasterboarded and had cabling in place for electrical connections.

Finally the first chalet is almost ready. The walls and ceiling have been plastered, there is a floor and skirting boards! The lighting cables are in place and fitting the lighting and sockets is noxt to do.


  1. Ohh Wow That looks great!
    Congratulations on being almost done :D

  2. Glad to hear about the progress, would love to pop along when it's all ready for a class one day.

  3. Looks really great - you must be pleased with all your hard work!

  4. mg looks amazing mel...cant believe that its nearly finished hun

  5. wow that's some chalet more like a bungalow!!!