Sunday, 1 August 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Helen and I have been busy stocktaking and moving more products in to their new home. It is a long and slow job and taking much longer than we had expected. I am desperately hoping that most of it will be moved before the chaotic weeks of new product arrival start and that we will be at least semi-organised by then. Some of the new products are with the freight forwarder and will leave the USA next week, so we haven't got too long left. As soon as we get our shipment, the Countdown Offers which have featured in the shop for the last few weeks will come to an end and we will be fully occupied with uploading it all to the website. We have added another couple of manufacturers to the list this time as well as the old favourites. Leave a comment with your guesses and if you are first to guess correctly, we will send out a small sample when the new goods arrive.