Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More journalling focused pages

Having read through Mel's post yesterday I wanted to share my thoughts on journalling. I've been scrapbooking for almost six years now and when I look back on my earlier layouts I have done I smile as the photographs re-ignite the memories and I am able to recall the stories behind them, but I didnt always write them down (thought my handwriting would ruin my page!), sometimes I didn't even date my pages to be able to know when the photographs were taken. Recently whilst at my parents we were looking over some old photographs of my grandfathers and every one had a place and date on the back! EVERY ONE! I am so proud to have called that man my grandfather, I treasured seeing his scrawl telling me what I would otherwise not have known.
When I look at my layouts now, I have journalling on almost all of them, at the very least dates and names. Sometime I go into more detail with my story, othertimes not. Here are a couple of pages from me where I journalled more than average. I hope, along with Mel, that you will be inspired to make journalling the focus on a layout you create in the near future.