Thursday, 26 August 2010

7 Gypsies Receipt Holder

I was talking to Justin at 7 Gypsies the other evening and we were discussing some of the new 7 Gypsies products. I already knew that Justin did some crafting himself and he said he had been playing around with the small version of the Vintage Receipt Holder (and I have to confess that I have plans for one of the ATC 12 card models myself). I always think it is a good thing when those who sell us the product also use it themselves, so I asked him to send us a couple of photos to put up here. Justin has used some of the new mini ephemera, some of the hardware and the Paddington tags. I now need to find some time to play with my own one and am wondering whether to go with months of the year or something else on a '12' theme.......any ideas gratefully received!
Edited to add - I just e-mailed Justin and apparently the photos are of him (before he joined 7 Gypsies) :)