Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Crafting Away From Home

Well I am away on the Isle of Wight for a mini break visiting relatives and as I was packing I was wondering about taking something craft wise. In the end I just bought the Cricut and some cardstock to cut some bits and pieces I need to cut because I find it so stressful trying to pack up and take things to craft away from my usual craft area!

Without exeption I plan to be sensible and pack light and EVERY single time I get this overwhelming panic that I will need something that I know I have left at home so I keep on adding stuff to my tote or the many boxes I end up with. Usually by the time I have finished the car is full and I spend half the time unloading and then packing it all back up!!! I suspect this is the reason why I have never regularly attended a crop.

So anyone have any good tips for mobile scrapping that works for them?


  1. Make up a page kit or three; it does require some planning (which I admit to not being very good at), but then you just need to take glue, knife, inks etc and you're away.

    I can usually get away with page kits, one toolbox with basic stuff in, and my ever-present laminated sketches collection.

    Have a nice break!

  2. The last time i went away for any length of time, I took a blank Mini book for each week. A bag full of paper scraps, rubber stamps and inks. Each evening i decorated the pages ready for the photographs of the hol.

  3. Ive done the load the car up with heaps of stuff when I go to my caravan in Northumberland and then got it all out been overwhelmed and done nothing.

    Now I try to go with a project in mind and will go with either the stuff for a mini book, page kits for a couple of layouts or maybe some stamped images and some promarkers to colour up for some cards and find this way I do actually get something done

    I am away for a few days next month and plan to get some bits and bobs together to start my Christmas cards.

  4. Ooh I like the ideas so far ... wish I was organised enough to actually put them into practice.
    Sue how clever to get your books ready for the holiday pics while you're on holiday!
    Think I'd best start putting some page kits together now for the ATDML retreat in Nov ...

  5. To avoid the must take this and I'd better take that scenario I take enough decoupage to keep my fingers busy, together with some offcuts of card tucked into the top of my craft bag which has all the basics. Then I only have to find room in the car for a small paper trimmer. Whatever I make can be used when I'm back home for cards or layouts.

  6. I do not have a car to load up, but I don't travel exactly light weight. I do try to find free classes online to make up page kits, and also sketches come in handy for this too. I then pack an assortment of embellies in my rolling tote in the hope that I will have what I need when I get there. When at the crop, though, I do have plenty of cs on hand to buy if needed, which is a help

  7. I keep all the 12x12 bags I have been given when buying paper and card, and I use these to pack kits. I chuck the photos in, paper and card choices, notes on what I planned to do when I chose the paper, embellies not in my basic kit that I want to use on the page, and anything else I've pre-made for the page, die-cuts etc.

    I find it very quick and easy to pack up all these 12x12 bags and it means that when I get there, the most time-consuming part of scrapping for me (choosing the paper/card) has already been done.

    I hope this helps...

  8. Another 12x12 baggie girl here! I make page kits up and take extra photos too. That way I can always buy new goodies from the shops to play with too! I always take a standard alphabet stamp set to with me, basic tool kit and plenty of adhesive!