Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Crafting Away From Home

Well I am away on the Isle of Wight for a mini break visiting relatives and as I was packing I was wondering about taking something craft wise. In the end I just bought the Cricut and some cardstock to cut some bits and pieces I need to cut because I find it so stressful trying to pack up and take things to craft away from my usual craft area!

Without exeption I plan to be sensible and pack light and EVERY single time I get this overwhelming panic that I will need something that I know I have left at home so I keep on adding stuff to my tote or the many boxes I end up with. Usually by the time I have finished the car is full and I spend half the time unloading and then packing it all back up!!! I suspect this is the reason why I have never regularly attended a crop.

So anyone have any good tips for mobile scrapping that works for them?