Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Little (un-needed) Christmas Album

Hello, hello lovlies , be warned this is a photo heavy post.

This Christmas was supposed to be the first Christmas Gracia and Josh spent in their new house but, as we all know these things don't always go to plan and what with solicitors being ill, estate agents being unavailable and countless other problems it wasn't to be.

I had made a little album for Gracie to record their first Christmas in their own house but it has laid in my workroom not needed and unloved.  I came across it whilst tidying today and thought - it will keep until next year and by then they will have the puppy they both crave and be able to fill it with fun photos and anyway that will still be their first Christmas even if it is 2018 and they will have lived in their house for almost a year.

Here are some of the pages just aching to be filled with happy memories.

Did you make a little Christmas mini this year?  If so we would love to see it xxx