Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thursdays are trendy too :) - Triangles

Triangles have been appearing more and more on the scrapping front lately and a popular way to use them is to layer them all up as below.  They nice thing about using them in this format is that they create an arrow type shape which draws your eye across your page, or highlights a certain area.

Compared to hexagons triangles are very easy to make and cut down to the right size. I start by cutting a 1" square piece of paper.  Once you have done this you just need to cut your square on the diagonal, and if you want a smaller triangle then cut the triangle in half again.  So a really easy embellishment to add to your page without needing any fancy tools

Here are a few inspiring triangle pages I found on the web to get your creative juices flowing

Sophie Crespy
Mandy Strainer
Marcy Penner
Waleska Nerris

I'll be back the week after next on Tuesday with the spotlight on another trend.

Hope you've enjoyed it.