Monday, 27 June 2011

Loving This...

The most recent Echo Park: Country Drive, is so lovely, perfect for scrapping all those photos you are taking right now of summer time fun!

Their next new one however is so beautiful that it is quickly going to become one of my favourite Echo Park ranges - Victoria Gardens has a slightly softer colour palette and not such a heavy emphasis on the geometric and bold designs that usually typify Echo Park - An extra collection pack will go on the order for me I think - I will have to do a class with it to justify "product testing"

I will be back this evening with prizes for participation in the cybercrop!


  1. oooh love that little Country Drive ladybird!

  2. Hi Mel,
    They are lovely and love the victoria garden one..gorgeous!!
    Just taking some me time before heading out to work,never got round to posting more pics up for the cybercrop but will pop them on my blog over the weekend...was too excited about going to see Take That,lol,i could hardly contain myself!!
    Still have a smile a mile wide,lol...

  3. Ooh that Victoria Gardens has my name on it LOL! I haven't liked any of their stuff up til now......sorry!!!

  4. Ooh that Victoria Garden is really, really up my garden path, so to speak. I can feel a purchase coming on!!!

  5. Victoria Gardens is lush. I need that.