Friday, 17 June 2011

Comment Posting During The Cyber Crop

Our blog is set so that comments have to be moderated before they show. Several people have asked about chat threads for this weekends cyber crop.

At 6:30pm, half an hour before the first class I am going to switch the comment moderation off so that those who want to can chat in the comments threads - I will post a general chat thread for those who want to have a place for general cyber crop related chatter. If you have a question or comment specifically about a certain class please post your question \ comment on that post. Our teachers have prepared the classes well in advance and will not all be around all weekend but for those who are popping by it will make it easier if specific questions or comments about a class are easy to find.

I will try to delete any spam comments as and when they appear - unfortunately spam is downside of no comment moderation!

Hope you are all looking forward to a weekend full of inspiration, look out later for a post detailling a few prizes we have on offer...