Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Project: Finish It!

Way back in spring 2008 Jane Dean came to teach at our second retreat and used K&Co Mira. There was a spare class kit and I spent a little while in the class and took the kit to work on. I did start the layout not long after and the photos, border on the right hand side and the cut out photo on the bottom left were added pretty quickly and are true to the original class instructions. Since then I struggled with what else to add and what to do with the large space on in the middle \ bottom right so it has been sitting at various times in my "Must Finish" bag \ drawer!

Yesterday I added some embellishments (the sun, some of the flowers) and finally a title came to me. As the cut out photo shows her with wings and it is all quite whimsical (I so love that word!) so I thought I would celebrate \ highlight the very vivid imagination that she has.

Although I am posting this and calling it finished I haven't ruled out a little bit of hand written journaling on the green area at the bottom... we'll see!