Friday, 20 May 2011

Can I Quote You On That?

I thought it would be interesting to have a look at layouts with quotes on them. Once upon a time it was the height of fashion to use inspirational quotes on layouts as titles or as the journaling. I have seen a few layouts recently using quotes and thought I would dig out some of mine from sometime ago and revisit the idea.

The layout below was a class I took from one of the UKScrappers Cybercrops and it was a class by our lovely Debbie Jewell.

Looking back I have found quotes as a useful way to eloquently express an idea or emotion when I am scrapping those pictures where there are no event details that need recording or where I couldn't find journaling that worked with the photo and the layout and which seemed appropriate.

For many of us the subject of our layouts may remain the same for many years, basically our family and the life we share. When it comes to scrapping photos of either our children, significant other or even pets, if there is no event to capture the information of, no funny story that goes with a photo then sometimes a quote is a great option for a title or journaling piece. Afterall how many times and different ways can you find to say "I really am quite fond of these people" using just your own words?!

So where to find quotes? Well many of us have personal favurite quotes that we know but if you are looking for a quote on a specific theme then the internet is a gold mine. Google "Motherhood quotes" and you will get approximately 8.1million results and the first page yields plenty of sites dedicated to collecting quotes and then helpfully sub categorising them for your convenience!