Sunday, 29 May 2011

Home Alone

Well, not completely alone but Mel, Darren and the girls have all gone away for the first few days of half term, with a visit to Legoland and a picnic in Windsor Great Park planned. I hope the weather stays fine for them. Meanwhile, Helen (my sister) and her daughter Elizabeth have arrived and we will be very busy stocktaking. The shop will remain open, which does make it a little bit trickier but we will cope! I must also get the new 7 Gypsies products on the website which arrived at the end of last week. Above are a quick peek at a couple of the new products, I am pretty hopeless with technology and can never put images where I want them to go. The patterned paper is Delos from the new Mykonos range and the stickers are Cruising - I shall have to count them carefully as Mel has had a number of cruising holidays.


PS Forgot to add that more Cybercrop info is coming very soon!