Thursday, 18 May 2017

A little bit edgy

As a scrapbooker I'm always trying to find different ways of doing things, to keep it fresh.  There will always be my go-to style but it is fun to mix it up a bit and sometimes it can result in some surprising results.

The Simple stories 'Domestic Bliss' range is packed full of brilliant wee bits and pieces which are not just for scrapping about your home life.

A while back I attended a conference in the gorgeous Gleneagles estate.  While we there there, these little guys came up to the house to visit us (scrounge for food).  I loved the Yellow spotty 'Domestic Diva' paper and thought it's be perfect with the teal and yellow floral side of the 'Loads of fun' paper to give that country feel.

I trimmed the 'loads of fun' down to 11x81/2" and aligned it to the bottom middle of the page.  I then cut a 4x8" piece of the 'domestic diva' paper and aligned it to the top of the page making sure it was centred to the middle of the 'loads of fun'.  I then attached the photo right to the edge of the page to make it look like the ducks were walking on to the layout.

To embellish, I tucked a paper doily under the photo and then I cut the large heart, heart in the blue circle and tag with heart from the elements on '4x4 elements' and arranged them using tape and foam to give a bit of dimension. I then added the subtitle in blue cardstock stickers.

Finally I cut an 8 1/2" semi circle and adhered it to the bottom of the page to act as a title base.  I then used 2 styles of Thickers to create the title.

When we moved into our new home, first on Jamie's list was to get a wood burner into the house.  So last April I came home to find Jamie and our friend Darren dancing around on the roof fitting a chimney liner! 

It was a gorgeous day and once I got over the initial shock I managed to get some great photos of them up there.  

As the photo was taken from below I wanted to give the feeling that you were standing below them - they were up in the clouds and I was at street level.  

I started by rounding the corners of the blue gingham 'Work it Girl' to soften the edges.

I then cut a 2 1/2" strip of the 'domestic diva' and cut 2 clouds out of it either side of the photo.  I then mounted this onto white cardstock to make the cutouts stand out and adhered both to the page. I then used a mix of gems to give a bit of dimension to the clouds.  I attached the photo in the middle right to the top edge of the page to give a feeling of them being high up. 

 To create the house I cut the 'busy, busy, busy' element from '4x4 elements' and trimmed the frame.  I them stuck this onto the 'tidy' element to get the navy blue surround.  I then attached this using foam pads so I could create a hidden journalling spot.  I used a scrap of simple stories paper cut own to create the roof and also the grass on either side of the house.

To finish I trimmed down a piece of white card to act as the journalling spot and attached the roof at the top.  I used a cardstock 'wooden' frame to act as a border and then cut the house from the '4x4 elements' to add detail at the bottom.