Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Color Lab

I had seen all the blog posts and Facebook posts by Marion Smith about her new colour lab, and I am a bit partial to lovely mists, then Karen Moss posted about her new papers being in the shop....and when I went to look I saw some Color Lab boxes, so had to get one!

Marion Smith has loads of u-tube videos about making the mists and I would recommend you take a look at them before you start.  I would also recommend an apron and covering your surfaces - though the paint all seems quite washable, you are dealing with ink powders that are strong in colour so it has the potential for being messy.

In the box you get instructions to make 30 different colours, and she talks you through the scoop system on the videos and in the instructions - most of the mists require very little powder.  You have the 5 main coloured powders, and then you get 3 iridescent mica type powders that add the sparkle - you get gold,blue and a pinky one.  I followed the colour recipes and then chose a mica powder to add to them (I added 2 scoops of the mica powder as this doesn't seem to effect the colour - just the sparkle).  I made Curious (peacock green), Aqua (a light blue) and Tea (you can see all the gold I added to this one)

You get 3 bottles, and just one scoop (so you have to wash the scoop in-between each colour powder).  The bottles are good as you can lock them so they won't accidentally spray and so far that have misted really nicely - I just wipe the end once I've finished.

Here is my page with all 3 mists on it, there is lots of sparkle from the mica.  I started with gesso, and then misted over the top and created drips.

I used some of the Simple Stories Hugs and Kisses Valentine papers as I love the red with the greeny/blue and it worked really well with my mist.  

You can just about see the gold from the tea mist I's lovely.

You can also add the pigment powders to paints, which is something I will have a play with an am quite excited about trying to make some sparkly paint!  I have really enjoyed playing with the colours, and experimenting with getting a little bit messy!