Sunday, 22 February 2015

More Good Day Sunshine

After Mel's fantastic classes using the Good Day Sunshine range for the Virtual Crop, yesterday, I thought I would show a couple of layouts I made for the February DT Gallery using the same range.

The first - Good Day Sunshine, has a photo that was taken in December but went perfectly with the colourful papers and sentiments.  I have cut out the phrases from some photo overlays and glued them directly onto my photos. 

 The day the photo was taken was a 'Good Day' because Gracia and I got to spend time with Eileen and Hannah - a rare occurrence these days compared to when I used to see Hannah almost every day and Eileen several times a week.


The second - Dino Dinner - features a photo Gracia sent me last summer.

I really love how she likes to fool around and doesn't mind what other people will think.  Also I really, really love that she thinks - that will make a good scrapbook page and sends me the photo. This one was taken near to where she lived last year.  A very enterprising shopkeeper sold tins of spray paint and allowed people to paint Graffiti Art onto his walls.  Some of the pieces were stunning but it was always evolving as old pieces were painted over with new ones.

 I think the Good Days Sunshine range is  really versatile and can be used to scrap almost any subject.