Friday, 13 February 2015

Photo requirements for next weekends virtual crop

Here is the heads up ladies (and any gents who have snuck in at the back!) of the photograph requirements for the three classes next weekend Saturday February 21st 2015. Hope you are all looking forward to our second virtual crop of the year.

Class 1 - Mel
  • Layout 1 - Between ten and sixteen photographs each measuring 2" square.  Mel cut these from standard sized photographs that hadn't been cropped too much and hers are a tiny bit bigger as she has used a 2.125" square punch!
  • Layout 2 - one 5" square photograph (including a border) and six 2.25"x3" portrait photographs (2"x3" photographs would also work so long as the are all the same size!) Mel adds that you could reduce the photographs required to a minimum of three 2"x3" photos
  • Layout 3 - one 3.75" square photograph  (again cropped from a standard sized photo) 

Class 2 - Ann

  • Layout 1 - one 4"x6" portrait orientated colour photograph
  • Layout 2 - one 3.25"x5" portrait orientated colour photograph
  • There is also a quick card you can make

Class 3 - Denise 

  • Layout 1 - one 4"x6" portrait orientated colour photograph
  • Layout 2 - one 4.5" x 4" photograph - Denise has used a black and white photograph but colour will also work.

Any questions in the meantime please ask and one of us will do our best to assist. As always we will kickstart the day with a challenge for you as well.