Sunday, 27 February 2011

Product Spotlight: Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Scissors

How interesting can a pair of scissors be you may ask! But nonetheless I thought I would do a product spotlight on these scissors as they have become an essential part of my tool kit.

Before I got them I just assumed scissors are scissors - ok smaller tips are better for getting little details but beyond that then surely any scissors will do...
Well these scissors go a little beyond your average paper cutting - if you make mini books with the Bind It All they will cut the wires, they can handle cutting things that usually require other tools. For example, a while ago I saw this necklace at half price in my local supermarket. It is not really my style (I'm more of an Accessorize Beads kind of girl!) but I thought the flowers were quite pretty.
Here is the necklace after I took my scissors to it, easily cutting the individual flowers from the chain. I ended up with 8 large sized metal flower embellishments for a lot less than buying specifically produced metal scrapbook embellishments,
Below in the bottom left corner you can see one of those flowers in the cluster of flower embellishments.

In addition to cutting metal they can also cut chipboard and thin acrylic sheets as well as various types of fabrics

The Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Scissors are available HERE and are an addition to your tool kit which will definitely earn their keep!