Thursday, 17 February 2011

Recording The Little Things...

When I was uploading the photos for the Valentines Day Heart feature one of them featured Isabelle with her beloved Monkey. It got me to thinking that a (sometimes) unexpected by product of our scrapping as children grow up is also the documenting of the toys that were important to them.

Some come and go - this layout called Belle & Mr Softy features an elephant that was a brief favourite but which was relegated to the bottom of the toy box long ago before being donated to her little sister!

Others of course remain a long term fixture and for Isabelle that means Mr Monkey - look how much newer he looks in this layout with a photo from 2006!!!

I am really glad that I have a record of many of the "little things" that were \ are important in their lives (and ours) and that I want to remember! The same goes not just for toys but also other things such as favourite clothes, the family car etc....

What are the little things you have documented to remember in years to come?