Sunday, 6 February 2011

Some Belated Soup For You

The layout above was my Chicken Soup for Friday. I chose the inspiration this week and although mine ended up looking NOTHING remotely like the original inspiration I did start from it I promise!

I sat down to look through my photos and work out what I wanted to scrap and selected several photos from our 2010 cruise and I just happened to find a selection from our stop in Vigo. We had nothing much planned for that port and just ambled but there was some really cool stuff in the port area itself, the head you can see in one of the photos is part of a huge figure lying in the port - I would estimate that the head is approximately 9 feet high, so quite large! Izzy was ridiculously excited by a really shiny building at the top of some steps which reflected our ship like a mirror and she HAD to have a photo in front of it!

It was only when I was saving the photo of the layout that I realised that I had scrapped another photo from Vigo a few months ago and by happy coincidence the colours of the two layouts go really well together (see below for the other layout)

Don't forget to check out what the other girls did for Chicken Soup this week and try your hand at scrapping from the recipe.