Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Gypsy at heart

I love 7 Gypsies and today the first of their two new collections, Lille has been uploaded to the website along with a couple of other bits and pieces. I think it must be the mix of their unique style and the quirky little extras that they always manage to come up with.

I was talking to a friend (another 7 Gypsies fan) when they released the new catalogue and told her they were re-introducing tissue paper 'Oh good' she said, 'that means I can use the tissue I have now' That got me thinking, because I hoard product which is no longer available too. I still have some of their Whimsy range (small metal embellishments, arrows, crowns, frames etc). So, own up, does anyone else hang onto papers or embellishments just because you can't get them again?