Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Announcing our cybercrop theme and kit details

As you know we have been holding a monthly virtual crop day following on from our successful annual cyber crop weekend last summer.  We hinted at this month's event that we would be holding another bumper weekend long cybercrop (think virtual crop but for three days!!) where we will share no less than 13 FREE classes and numerous challenges from Friday August 14th to Sunday the 16th 2015.

These cybercrop weekends tend to be a lot more fun if we theme them and we are excited to announce this year our theme is inspired by Disney Movies!!  

Each class or challenge will be named after a Disney Movie with each designer taking inspiration from the movie for their projects. For example one class will be The Lion King from which the main soundtrack song is "Circle of Life" and the layout design will feature circles.  You do not have to have visited Disney, nor watched the movies nor have themed photographs so do not worry!!. The designers will explain their design link to the movie and the classes will cover a variety of projects including layouts, minibooks etc.

We will be selling a limited number of kits for each of the 13 classes but these are NOT essential to be able to take part in the weekend. You can use your own supplies to join in with the classes and our design team will give you an idea of what you'll need ahead of the weekend in August so you can prepare accordingly.  If you are a fan of our crop kits then you'll be eager to know they go on sale this weekend so keep an eye on the website and/or our Facebook page ATDML # Create.

Are you as excited as we are???