Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mels Challenge: Scrapping Our Favourite People - LO of Izzy & Nana

So following on from this post I am pleased to report I scrapped that photo of Izzy and her Nana.

I am really going to make this the year that I rectify some of the glaring omissions in my albums.

I am also going to ensure that there are photos available for me to do this. I have got much better at being photographed with the children myself - I still don't enjoy it but I DO want my kids to see that I was actually there on those family outings, at Christmas, on holiday or in their day to day lives! On this subject a friend on facebook shared this article about being photographed which really hit home and applies to lots of us.

Here is my LO ready to go in Izzys 2006 album.

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