Monday, 18 February 2013

Mels Version of "Story Of Us"

I really loved Debbies LO and it was once again good to be a bit more inventive with papers which would not usually be my style, I find them beautiful individually but would not usually use so many busy patterns together.

I took Debbies design and amended it to suit the photos I had. I was a late booking and originally thought there would not be enough kits ofr me to have one so I didn't prepare photos. I ended up using a single 5x5 photo instead of the two on Debbies LO. I also wanted to offset my circles rather than keep them equal but as ever it was wonderful to take a class packed full of inspiration but also know that the teacher would not freak out if a little freestyling went on!

My photo was of the kids and the dog so I didn't feel "The Story OF Us" would work as a title but I liked the die cut so positionned it so only "The Story" was visible.

I am NOT a patient hand cutter and found it a chore to cut out all those flowers. In the end I was going to give up and go more minimal but my lovely friend Debs stepped in and cut me a few more while I was assembling the layout so it would have been rude (and daft) not to use them!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing our individual takes on Debbies class - I think Denise also did the class and I expect she will share her creation at some point too!