Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Trends on Tuesday - Roller Stamps

One of the new products from CHA that caught my eye was Glitz's roller doodle stamps - I know roller stamps have been around for ages, but somehow I missed having a go with them!  The stamps come in 2 sizes a large and tiny, I decided to have a go with the tiny camera roller and the larger chevron roller.  

For my page I tried to use them in a few different ways - a quick roll down the edge of a strip of paper with the camera  one, but I also used it to make my own camera embellishment using it to make a camera backing paper for the wood veneer. 

 I covered my chevron roller with yellow ink to make an arrow feature and then also used it across the top of the page with black ink....which is where I noticed it makes a really nice fade effect, a bit ombreish, so I had a go with this on a card.

I used red, orange and yellow ink to make this faded background for my card.  I inked the roller and then did one stripe which comes out the darkest and just keep rolling without re-inking the stamp, then switch to a lighter colour and do the same so you get a nice fade.

They are really easy to use, I did ink them with both large and small ink pads....but obviously the larger ink pads are a lot easier to ink them with!  Also I love the designs so I can see myself adding more to my collection!