Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Trends on Tuesday - An inky messy tutorial!

I know not all of you like to get messy....but I thought I would show you how I made my green inky background a couple of weeks ago - so bit more of a technique on Tuesday than a trend!

You need a water spray, some spray inks - I have Cosmic Shimmers Golden Mint, Peacock Green, Aqua Lagoon and a heat gun, though you can let it dry naturally but this will give it a slightly different effect - try it out!  I used an old pizza box to protect my surfaces and try and limit the splatter.

Start with a good spritzing of water across the page - don't completely soak the paper (or it gives you a different more watery effect - I like to have a few dryer areas so the splatter from the spray stays as it would do normally).  I think you can just about see the puddles and drier areas of the cardstock in the photo.

 When you have worked out where you want the inkiness to be (mine is mainly at the top of the page) then give a couple of spritzes of one of the lighter colours this is the mint green the water just helps the colour to run a bit more.

Then add some spritzes of the darker colours  - my paper had dried a little so

Add a few more spritzes of water over the top and you can see the colours starting to run into each other.

With the heat gun start to dry the page - you can push the ink around and make drips and darker areas, also with the cosmic shimmers you get a really nice mica sheen when it is dry.

As you can see my page is fairly warped so it is now under a pile of books, once the page is in your album it will flatten out anyway.  If you want to try it on a smaller scale for cards then watercolour paper would help it not to crinkle so much.

I hope you enjoyed that.