Sunday, 27 January 2013

Using Christmas Supplies for Non Christmas Projects

I was given a pad of October Afternoon- Make It Merry   papers as a Christmas present (thank you Jill & Mel) and as it was so pretty wanted to use it for a special project.  My daughter and her boyfriend visited The Making of Harry Potter tour just before Christmas and took over 300 photographs!  As luck would have it Ann Freeman runs a crop on the 2nd Saturday of each month with her great friends Tracy and Caroline.  Just look at the fun those girls have!


Ann's class was a fabulous folder with inserts for photographs
(Ann's beautiful folder is here).  How fortunate for me that Ann was using the Make It Merry range.  So when I received the paper pad I was able to add these papers to my inserts and finish the project.

I love how Ann comes up with such lovely ideas for projects and then chooses the perfect paper range to execute them.

 I am also following the tutorials by Kirsty Smith called Pretty Polaroids.


I used the same paper range to make the 2nd in her set and it looks quite Valentineish and not very Christmassy at all.

Why don't you post a link to projects you have made using paper ranges for something other than what they were designed for.