Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Challenging Myself...

I have recently been looking back on the childrens albums and while there are lots of layouts I love I feel like there are chunks of the story which are missing and, more importantly, people who are missing.

Recently in this post I shared a layout where I had got Izzy to journal (very briefly) about my Auntie and it got me thinking. As an extended family we are all very close but I think this was the first layout I had done with my Auntie in it - now we are not terribly good at having our photos taken in this family but it made me look at the layouts with fresh eyes and realise that some very important people in our lives are really under represented in the albums.

So I am going to try this year and make sure that there are some layouts featuring extended family in the albums.

First up I am going to scrap a photo of Isabelle and her Nana (Darrens Mum) as I know that she isn't in any of the albums, not even once :(

Hopefully I will be uploading a completed layout very soon!