Wednesday, 2 January 2013

More photos, more scrapbooking

As the new year starts a host of resolutions are made which, for crafters such as ourselves, may include any number of photography, scrapbooking, or other papercraft challenges.  I know many Scrapbookers who partake in monthly challenges set on blogs, weekly sketch inspirations or even daily photography ones, all depends of course on how busy we are, how much spare crafting time we have and what else is on the crafty agenda.

I have decided to try and take a photo a day for the second year in a row. I didn't do too bad last year missing the occasional day here and there, and struggling to find interesting photos to take of "oh, I was just at work again today!" but on the whole I did rise to the challenge and more importantly enjoyed it. I think one of the reasons I liked this challenge was because it helped me to capture the every day things, from kids in pjs, to what I cooked for tea, from my latest crafting project to a lazy sunday stroll. I ended up with a raft of photos that told the story of my year and I have made a couple of pages featuring all of the photos I took that month too. I didn't do this every month, but I love my snap snot month pages that I did do. Some photos also featured on a layout of their own if there was a bigger story to tell.

What also helped me stick to this challenge was an app for my smartphone so I could snap away with my phone not needing to have my big camera with me and then I could record a photo against each day on the app. These can then be synced to your computer and printed from there, or sent via Bluetooth to a printing device.  This year I have downloaded a new app for my phone called my365 which can be found in the Google app store and downloaded for free (not sure about iphone sorry).
You can also share photos from this app on Facebook and Twitter too should you be so inclined. So is anyone else taking up a challenge this year to take take more photos? Means more scrapping, more stories to tell and a new angle to your pages too. Do let us know if you are or have before and tell us how you found it. I know there are many apps out there that can do this and would love to learn of others being used.