Friday, 8 June 2012

Travel Class On Website

I have been a naughty girl and have realised that I have a few classes here which have not made it onto the website *blush - sorry designers* I am working on getting them online ASAP and the first one is up now!

Click HERE to visit our site and download the instructions for this lovely layout by Dawn Evans featuring the October Afternoon Boarding Pass range.

More coming soon!


  1. Love the look of Dawn's layout unfortunately I can't find the link to the instructions!

  2. Sorry, I have amended the post above - hopefully the link is there and working now. Mel x

  3. Click on the link above where it says Clixk Here, that will take you to main website and an image of the layout. The select the text about the image where is says download here. Hope that helps

  4. You are naughty keeping this from us Mel - it's lush