Friday, 15 June 2012

Football scrapping

It has been a busy time in my household with both Darren and I swamped with report writing. I am so lucky that the wonderful Ann freeman has once again masterminded the cyber crop planning and is liaising with our lovely DT to continue with preparations.

Tonight I am enjoying a night off from report writing and after a late night yesterday I am planning on an early one tonight after the football. You may know that our house is definitely a football following house. As the scrapping has been on hold for report writing I thought I would re-post the layout I created for the 2010 world cup.... Look out for a 2012 version sometime when I have a little more time.

It is half time in the England v Sweden game as I post this.... I *really* hope that the result is still a win for England by the end of the game!

This is a busy sporting year with the European football, Wimbledon and of course the Olympics! Will you be scrapping the summer of sport or using your scrapbooks as a creative escape from the sporting frenzy!

In other news there have been some new arrivals in store. The brand new Carta Bella products are here And can be found in here New Products