Sunday, 3 July 2011

Those Bo Bunny Pictures...

First up here are a couple of pieces from the Welcome Home line - the soft colours and elegant designs make it a winner for me.

Next up here are a couple of pieces from Et Cetera - For me this is a very successful dabble in the style of collagey, collected ephemera designs who remind me of 7 Gypsies and Graphic 45 but I like Bo Bunnys take on it very much.

Finally (for today) we have Sweet Tooth. In contrast to the other two I have shown it has a much bolder colour palette with pinks and blues but with the addition of a kraft colour which calms it down and balances the whole thing out a little. I really like the little Apron Mini Edgy Album and you can be sure they will make their way on to our order!

Of course as i mentioned before they are also releasing four further lines including two Christmas ones. I will try to get some more images up. Feedback on the three shown so far very welcome in the comments section which remains unmoderated - no major spam incidents so far so we will trial leaving them unmoderated for a while longer.


  1. Ooh yes, love the Et Cetera, that would be my first choice - lots of possibilities there!
    Helen S

  2. Et Cetera looks lovely! Applicable to lots of styles and scrapping themes (travel, vintage, teenage, music) ...
    Home Sweet Home is also lovely but I find Sweet Tooth a little too sickly - can see it being used for girly pages, but I think the other two are more versatile.

  3. i love the blues in Welcome home, and the apron album for Sweet Tooth (although i know i'd only be disappointed by whatever i did with it, so perhaps i should just sit and admire it!)

  4. Et Cetera wins my vote for sure!! Pretty please do I get to design for the gallery with it?!!