Tuesday, 19 July 2011

MLS - 3D Flowers....

So last show we had the foldies from Sassafras and this show we have the My Little Shoebox die cut fold up 3D flowers. It seems everyone wants to encourage you to make your own floral embllishments and are offering to take a lot of the work out of it and give you a really simple to make but effective embellishment.

Now I have yet to see a constructed MLS 3D flower (and if you have please post a link in the comments section) but they looked interesting. This release MLS seem to have made a few subtle shifts in their ranges which will no doubt inject new energy into their products. I know that at least one of our retreat teachers is considering working with these products at the next retreat.

Since I last blogged several more orders have been placed. It is going to be busy busy busy in the stock rooms when this lot comes in!!!