Wednesday, 6 July 2011

7 Gypsies Webinar...

This evening we "attended" the 7 Gypsies Webinar where retailers could view a presentation of the new 7 Gypsies products which they are releasing for Summer CHA. We have been told that on Friday we can post images of the products and designer samples along with a "Look Book" full of ideas which also includes a little look at the evolution of the papers through the design process. We found the presentation really interesting and we won a little giveaway which was great!

Come back on Friday and I will get as many images and details on as I can - needless to say there is lots of great stuff including several *really* fab bits which we know you will love.

Our order was placed within a couple of hours of the end of the webinar so we should be able to show you on Friday a lot of the things we actually ordered.

On another ordering front we have sent off our order to Bo Bunny and I am really excited about that too. I love it when we are ordering new stuff - not great for the bank balance but guarenteed to get the creative ideas flowing!


  1. Ooooo how cool :D
    Can't wait to see the new stuff :D

  2. This sounds hard on my bank balance!!

    Don't know where to post this, but this morning I received my ATCs from the CC Swap and they are DELISH! I got one from Jane, one from Buttons and one from Denise Holmes and they are all simply great and came in a lovely little ATC "case" which is so pretty. Thank you all, and thanks for organising it too xxx