Saturday, 2 July 2011

It's A Tough Job...

... But someone has to do it.

I got in from taking the kids to town with Darren and was greeted by Mum brandishing a catalogue. Held inside were details of the Bo Bunny Summer CHA release and the accompanying order forms.

I don't have pictures yet to go on the blog but let me say I am completely in love with Et Cetera and Welcome Home! In total there are 5 new regular lines plus 2 Christmas lines. Now to choose what we want to order.....

I will see if I can (and am allowed to) get some peeks up here and you can give your feedback on it. There is a gorgeous apron shaped edgy album with one of the lines and I am seriously coveting the ruffled apron they have available as a retailers incentive for orders over a certain value - the products are so lovely it will be easy to spend the required amount but I *need* that apron so it is a nailed on cert!

Pictures to follow when I can - blogger is not playing nicely so I can't even load up any other picture to go with the post :(