Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Happy new year everyone!!!

As a Scot, Hogmanay is very special to me and although we moved into our new home nearly 3 years ago we were as yet, to celebrate it in our own home. 

This year we invited friends old and new (some only a few hours old) to join us to see in the bells. We had a cracking time and it was lovely having everyone to shout "HAPPY NEW YEAR! with us as our first one as a married couple.

I wanted to create a page that felt like a good old fashioned Hogmanay with streamers and party poppers and glitter everywhere - the feeling of being in a crowd of people with lots going on at once!
As I'm normally a 'clean' scrapper I decided to keep the colours to a minimum and work with textures and layers.

I started by using the countdown side of "Simple stories - Hello, New year' from their '2019' range.  and cut a diagonal section from it with the corner pointing towards the countdown.  This allowed me to layer behind the page the spotty side of 'watch the clock' from the same range.  

The idea behind this was to give the illusion of confetti going off behind the page. 

I then used a hole punch to pop out some holes from the remaining section of 'Hello new ear' this was to bring the confetti to the front of the page.  I backed this on to black card to make the holes stand out. I mounted my Photo on lilac Bazzill and attached to the page leaving both the photo and mount unstuck at the top to allow as a pocket.

I created streamers using strips of the stripy side of 'hello new year' curling them around a pencil and then squashing them flat - its fun to see what shapes you get and adds the haphazard feel of them falling.  I also used lilac Bazzill to cut some wavy strips to weave in amongst them.  

'Watch the clock' has some lovely pocketwatches on them and I cut several of the edge ones off to work between the streamers.  I cut the largest one from their '3x4 & 4x6 elements'

Using some Punctuation left over from some silver thickers, I dotted these between the streamers to act as falling confetti. 

To finish, I cut two tags, one for each year and added '2018' at the top of one and  '19.  I popped the '2018' one behind the photo and tucked the '19' tag behind the mount.  These provided great journalling spots not only to write my plans for the coming year but my reflections of the one passed.

I hope to see you all in April at the retreat and that you all have a happy,  and healthy New year!