Sunday, 5 January 2014

On the 11th Day of Christmas......

Snow, some buttons and die cuts....

I'm not one to use die cuts on projects very much. This layout is one of my favourites from my design team projects last year, and It's just one of those which I feel really captures the snowy cold feel of the moment..

It was part of the March gallery using Glitz Designs and was one of those where I used a die for the  rosettes and the lacy corner at the bottom.  Buttons are something that are a nice embellishment to add a bit of colour and dimension too.

The horses in the photo were working really hard on the day taking people up and down the mountain to see the castle-the one on the left had the longest fringe I've ever seen on a horse-I'm amazed he or she could see where they were going as it was right down over the nose bit of the bridle!

This was one of those projects where I looked round me and just found buttons to match and little flowers in my stash-and it came together really nicely -sometimes projects you do quickly and from the heart can turn out to be one of your real favourites.

Does anyone out there use die cuts on your layouts or projects a lot ?