Saturday, 4 January 2014

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

...I did some recycling!

Obviously we would love you to pop on over to the shop and spend any Christmas pennies in the ATDML sale however we all know that slightly cash strapped feeling that arrives a week or so into January!

On 29th December Elizabeth and I headed over to Bluewater Shopping Centre to spend our Christmas money and vouchers. While purchasing a particularly pretty bracelet in Accessorize I spotted a rack of bargain basement damaged jewellery and couldn't resist a browse. Now a set of earrings with one missing is not much use to me as an earring but there were some bits and bobs which would work out nicely on a page.

This is a picture of my haul which cost me the princely sum of £1.60. I'm sure you will agree that some of these would make awesome embellishments!

I got to work straight away adding some to a page I was in the process of making. I think it adds a lovely little sparkle to the LO which was missing something.

Here's a close up of it. I just used my Tim Holtz scissors to snip off a section of one of the broken bracelets to use along the bottom of the photo.

Along the same lines I have a friend who is always breaking costume jewellery catching necklaces on things etc... She always puts them aside for me to use on my scrapbook pages. Always better to upcycle something broken if it can be used as an embellishment!