Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cards on Sunday - Project Life Saved Me!

Picture the scene, we have wrapped the gift, Olivia is in her Cinderella dress and ready to head out to the Princess party she is off to. I say "Let's pick a card out of the box and write it..." (I keep a box of cards, some handmade and some shop bought) we go to the box and uh oh, there are adult birthday cards, boy birthday cards, sympathy cards, get well cards but not a single thing suitable for a girls birthday!

We had approx. 10 mins before we were leaving, no open shops on the way and no card!

So in a moment of inspiration I fish out my box of Project Life cards. Find a 6x4 card in pink and red as a background. Stamp "Happy Birthday" on it. The quick addition of a length of ribbon, a punched shape with a number 6 on it and some little punched butterflies provides us with the quickest birthday card I have ever made!

It won't win any prizes, but in an emergency I was glad of those Project Life cards!