Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October Photography Challenge

I love this time of year Autumn, and this month in particular.  There are so many beautiful colours to be seen outside and whilst it is sad to bid farewell to the summer I do love fluffy socks, comfortable boots, cocoa and steaming hot soup!.  I find myself taking more photos of things that please me and remind me of this season, almost as many as I do in the Summer and with a phone that has a pretty nifty camera on it as well it is not hard to snap away more frequently. I know I might be in the minority here and as the nights draw in sooner and the days get shorter it can be hard, as scrapbookers, to find ourselves taking as many photographs. So I thought, what about a little challenge to take us through to the end of the month?

OCTOBER Fortnight Photography Scavenger Hunt

  1. Time (to represent clocks changing at the end of the month)
  2. Pumpkins
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Weather (good or bad, blue skies or wet shoes!)
  5. Winter Warmer
  6. Something Scary
  7. A Treat :)
So from now until October 31st lets see if you can collect the 7 items on the list above this month. How creative can you get? Will it take you out and about more often or at least make you appreciate the vibrancy of the season.

Leave a comment with a link to your images if you feel like sharing. I will be joining you so lets see what we can photograph for the remainder of the month! Who knows, if this proves popular maybe we can make it a monthly challenge! Enjoy!